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Since 1986, David O'Meara has enabled clients from around the world to achieve their best by understanding the power of their own perceptions. It's your perceptions that will either limit your growth and performance or inspire you to reach your full potential in your athletic, business and personal life. Once you are aware of how perceptions affect thoughts, feelings, and actions you can make changes in yourself or in others that will truly last.
David has created a revolutionary 10-step process that will help you make these changes. The O'Meara Process, documented in his book, Play Better, Live Better has also helped David achieve his own aspirations. Being able to run faster as he gets older is contradictory to what anyone would expect. But, using the steps of The O'Meara Process to change his own perception has led David to prepare, train and accomplish his daunting 20/20/20<5@45 goal.

If you would like to "fuel the spark" inside yourself or others in your organization, the stories and experiences that David has documented as the "One Mile Runner" combined with the tangible benefits of  The O'Meara Process will create the perfect foundation for your next event. Your audience will not only be inspired, but they will learn how to improve, innovate and accomplish whatever they choose.

David is available for keynote speeches, speaking presentations, developmental workshops, or continuing education.


What do you want to do better?  

Initiating changes in your performance requires that you generate new thoughts, feelings and actions. These new perceptions will help identify patterns in your performance allowing you to learn from your successes and your mistakes.

Through case studies, role plays, and personal action plans, The One Mile Runner Workshops design a path and guarantee results for your improvement. You will learn new methods, commit to new responsibilities, and discover new ways to achieve optimal performance. These workshops show you how to examine and use The O’Meara Process in your daily life to resolve conflict, gain trust, and remove limitations. Bring these workshops to your organization and develop a plan that will enhance your overall performance.

Themes / Topics:

    1) How to conquer your fears.
    2) How to prepare for success.
    3) The Lunch Hour Workout
    4) The adventures of being old and fast.
    5) Speed training for the bald or gray.
    6) Morning Wake-up Call
    7) Perception-based Athletic Training


David O’Meara’s high-energy style and revolutionary ideas will change the way your audience feels, thinks and acts. Whether in athletics, business or even their personal lives, altering these perceptions promote improvement, innovation and success. His hour-long presentations heighten your awareness and foster growth. O’Meara inspires audiences with his real life  One Mile Runner stories and passion for helping people.


   1. Developing Yourself
   2. Cultivating Teamwork
   3. Reaching Your Full Potential

   1. Discovering New Perceptions
   2. Developing Creativity
   3. Fueling the “Spark”

   1. Responsibility and Commitment
   2. Removing Fears and Gaining Trust
   3. Resolving Conflict and Instilling Confidence


For Workshops, Presentations and Keynotes, you may contact David at:

David O'Meara
5031 Lakescene Place
Sarasota, FL 34243
(941) 355-2122

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