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YouTube Training and Recovery Videos
The following videos demonstrate the excercises David uses while training for and recovering from his annual events. Most of the training techniques are new to David's regimen; thanks to the guidance of his physical trainer and consultant Juan Ruiz-Tagle. If you would like to read the associated Blog Entries you can visit and select the appropriate entry from the left-hand column. If you have any questions or comments, you are welcome to send those to Dave and Juan via our Ask a Question page. Enjoy!


  Basic Exercise Movement Videos

Squats  Lunge Matrix  Balance Reach 
Toe Touch Matrix  Punching Matrix  Push-up Matrix

  Warm-up Exercise Videos

 Beginner Intermediate Advanced

  "Power Preparation" Warm-up Exercise Videos

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Full Program Cool Down   

  Running Videos

Stretching Advanced Stretching Running Exercises
Speed Workout Proper Running Technique   

  Strength Training Videos

After Running Core Workout Strength Exercises
Resistance (Part 1) Resistance (Part 2) Planks


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