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2012 - The Isles Mile Challenge
The Isles Mile Challenge, the fifth One Mile Runner event in five years, combines the themes from our first four tours: speed/strength/endurance (2008), recovery (2009), international travel (2010), and adventure racing (2011). This time, the challenge was to run 7 one-mile races, on 7 different islands, in 7 different time zones, in 7 consecutive weeks.

For this challenge, we chose to go back to our original race completion criteria from 2008 – where every race must be completed in under 5 minutes – or David would need to re-run the race, during the same week on a different island in the same time zone, until he breaks 5 minutes. If he didn't break 5 minutes that same week, the challenge would end.

Working in David’s favor (at 49 years old) was the consistent sea-level altitude of all 7 island locations. But, working against him were hilly coast roads, desert and tropical climates, gulfstream humidity, the rainy northwest and the brutal challenges he’ll face traveling halfway around the world.

During the 50 day event, David traversed 12 time zones and traveled over 30,000 miles. Here was the race schedule:
  • June 29th – Galway, Ireland (GMT +1)
  • July 4th – Reykjavik, Iceland (GMT)
  • July 11th – Santorini, Greece (GMT+2)
  • July 21st – Mount Desert Island, Maine, USA (GMT-5)
  • July 28th – Hamilton, Bermuda (GMT-4)
  • August 4th – Fidalgo Island, Washington, USA (GMT-8)
  • August 11th – Big Island, Hawaii USA (GMT-10)

This 5th One Mile Runner event was a great mental and physical challenge. David completed the Isles Mile Challenge on 8/11/12 on the Big Island of Hawaii. Once again, The Last Mile Race Management Company was the Official Time Keeper of The Isles Mile Challenge. You can review David’s training and race progress on his blog


  Date Island Country Time Zone Status Time Link
1. 6/29/12 Galway Ireland        GMT +1 Completed 4:49 video
2. 7/04/12 Reykjavik Iceland            GMT Completed 4:42 video
3. 7/11/12 Santorini Greece            GMT +2 Completed 4:45 video
4. 7/22/12 Mount Desert Island, Maine USA GMT -5 Completed 4:39 video
5. 7/27/12 Hamilton Bermuda GMT -4 Completed 4:49 video
6. 8/04/12 Fidalgo Island, Washington USA GMT -8 Completed 4:43 video
7. 8/11/12 Big Island, Hawaii USA GMT -10 Completed 4:44 video
The Isles Mile Challenge Completed Successfully - 8/11/12

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