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2015 - The Greek Islands Adventure
In July 2015, David will be racing the Cyclades Islands in Greece. He will be attempting to complete 5 one-mile races, on 5 different islands, all under 5 minutes within 15 days. He and his crew will be traveling only by boat between the islands (plane rides are not allowed). If David does not break 5 minutes in a race, he must travel to another island and race again within the 15 day time period. At 52 years old, he will be fighting age, travel, recovery, and the mountainous terrains. This will be David’s last multiple race event challenge.

Here is the race schedule:
  • July 1st – Santorini, Greece
  • July 3rd – Folegandros, Greece
  • July 6th – Ios, Greece
  • July 9th – Naxos, Greece
  • July 12th – Amorgos, Greece

Once again, The Last Mile Race Management Company will be the Official Time Keeper of The Greek Islands Adventure. You can review David’s training and race progress on his blog


  Date Island Country Time Zone Status Time Link
1. 07/01/15 Santorini
Greece GMT +2
Completed 4:45.21 Blog
2. 07/03/15 Folegandros
Greece            GMT +2
4:52.62 Blog
3. 07/06/15 Ios Greece            GMT +2 Completed
4:45.04 Blog
4. 07/9/15 Naxos
Greece GMT +2
4:41.98 Blog
5. 07/12/15 Amorgos
Greece GMT +2
4:42.23 Blog
The Greek Islands Adventure was successfully completed in five (5) one-mile races each under 5 minutes.

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