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The sponsors to the are crucial to David optimizing his performance. Not only does David believe in the sponsor’s products and services that he uses on a daily basis, but he also believes in the people behind the products and services. A huge thank you goes out to the list of sponsors for their support and efforts in creating the best environment for success.


 Visit What started as a simple idea soon transformed into a vision: to create the most beautiful world under the sun. That vision has made us the fastest-growing polarized sunglass maker across the globe. Maui Jim Sunglasses with PolarizedPlus® technology block horizontally reflected glare plus glare from above, below and behind the lens. Since nature didn't polarize the lenses in our eyes, Maui Jim Sunglasses provide the next best thing.
  Faklis Orthotics and Pedorthics is an orthotic and pedorthic facility owned and operated by certified and licensed orthotists and pedorthists since 1912. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is dedicated to improving body motion/function and preventing injury through thorough whole body biomechanical evaluations. Runners, walkers, and all types of athletes can experience the most comprehensive and precise gait analysis, shoe and foot orthotic fitting process available. When biomechanics and shoe mechanics are given the proper professional attention, many injuries can be prevented and performance can be enhanced.
Contact: Vasile Faklis (727) 938-1525
  The unique anatomical design of SOLE Platinum Sandals supports, cradles and cushions your feet, providing the most comfortable sandal you have ever worn. Guaranteed. What sets SOLE Platinum Sandals apart is the moldable, orthopedic top layer. Inspired by SOLE's Custom Footbeds, the footbed layer of SOLE sandals are made with a special blend of EVA that adjusts to your feet over time. Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association, SOLE sandals ensure you look good, feel comfortable and prevent injury.

The mission of The Last Mile Race Management is to provide the highest quality timing & race management services for all races, using the latest technology available and upholding the standards set forth by the RRCA and the USA Track & Field. The Last Mile Race Management is the Official Race Managment Company of the New Engand Marathon... One Mile at a Time.


Be like an Olympian - The Stick.
The Stick is a revolutionary device used to segmentally compress and stretch muscle. It is highly effective in the treatment of muscle pain and trigger points. The Stick provides the following benefits: Prevents & Predicts Muscle Injuries; Dramatically improves strength, flexibility and endurance; Rapidly prepares muscles for physical activity; Disperses the effects of lactic acid following activity; and Accelerates muscle recovery.
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HeadBlade is the world’s largest grooming products company for men who shave their heads. Unlike a conventional razor, the HeadBlade makes your hand (and fingers) the handle. This gives you more control. When your fingers can touch your scalp you have a much better understanding or "feel" of what you're doing. In addition to razors, the company also produces: HeadSlick shaving cream; HeadShade sunscreen; HeadLube lotion; HeadShed sloughing cream; ClearHead for razor bump protection; HeadWipes for cooling the scalp; HeadWash liquid soap and HeadFade clippers.


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