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There are many aspects to total health and fitness. Here are the categories that pertain to the success of the One Mile Runner:

Finding the right shoes, high tech apparel, and accessories for high performance are the cornerstones for a fast runner. The research and development that goes into these products is astounding. The foundation of equipment begins with the materials and the construction, and ends with proper fitting.
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It only makes sense that what you put in your body affects how you feel, think, and act. Choosing a balanced diet for you is a must for peak performance.
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A training program to make you the best you can be combines speed, power, endurance, flexibility, strength, and rest. How, where, when and why you perform the variety of exercises creates a safe and beneficial workout regime.
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Your internal being needs a training program as well. What you think about affects how you see yourself, others and the things around you.
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When you are sleeping, your body and mind repairs and rebuilds itself. The proper amount of rest and sleep is crucial to a strong immune system, a sharp mind, and a balanced life.
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An important part of recovery between races or workouts is the use of massage. A good massage will increase suppleness, stimulate circulation, and begin repairing muscles, tendons and ligaments.
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A necessary part of recovery is found in the nerve functions. The ability to restore your body to a normal condition by adjusting parts of the spinal column will help your bones and your overall body align correctly. 
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Correct alignment of your shoulders, hips, knees, and feet allows you to reach top form and avoid injury. How the foot touches the ground and leaves the ground is the basis of running biomechanics. 
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