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2010 - Around The World in Less Than 30 Minutes

In 2010, the One Mile Runner went international; actually intercontinental. At 47 years old, David O’Meara ran 6 one-mile races, in 6 weeks, on 6 continents in 29:25.95 -- beating his original goal of less 30 minutes total time… or less than 5 minutes each on average (he has no interest in running in Antarctica, especially in their winter). This event introduced the challenges of international travel including long flights, jet lag, unfamiliar accommodations and unpredictable food (he’s a vegan); some brutal summer climates; unfavorable course conditions; and unusual regional illnesses. The impact of any one of these challenges can be detrimental to the completion of any international event.

Race Directors were hired in all six locations to ensure that the courses are professionally measured and the races are officially timed. Here are the details of the six races:

Date Continent Country City Status Result Total Time
July 4th North America USA Willimantic, CT  Completed    4:52.16


July 10th South America Argentina Buenos Aires  Completed   5:07.72


July 17th Europe Greece Symi Island, Dodecanese  Completed   4:29.02


July 24th Africa Nigeria Jos  Completed   5:07.38


July 31st Asia India Chennai  Completed   4:35.75


August 8th Australia Australia Townsville, Queensland  Completed  5:13.92



Original Goal


  Official Time Keeper: The Last Mile Race Management Company


David hosted free hands-on Fitness Seminars for some of the communities he be visited. The seminars taught attendees of all ages how to prevent injury, increase athletic performance and experience better functional living. Sharing his new fitness program and his experience as a personal trainer, the seminars focused on motivating athletes and non-athletes to set and achieve personal fitness goals.

Additionally, David hosted free seminars based on his new book, Creating Amazement. Targeting business leaders, government officials, and educators, David shared his process and attributes for creating amazement. His goal was to inspire others to use their gifts for the purpose of creating amazement in their own lives, the lives of people they touch, their communities and their businesses.

Race results are in the table below. To learn more about David's 2010 adventure, be sure to visit his 2010 blog journal.

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