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As an inspirational speaker and a nationally-ranked masters runner, David continually strives to accomplish feats that challege him mentally and physically. The experiences from these feats become the basis of his teaching. His clients benefit from his ability to empathize with the perseverence required to overcome the challenges and setbacks they will face as they set out to achieve their personal goals. David OMeara

In 2008, David accomplished a feat he called 20/20/20<5@45. That’s completing 20 one mile races in 20 weeks in 20 different North American cities in less than 5 minutes each at age 45. Over 5 months, from May to September, David traveled 45,000 miles, met hundreds of people, and executed the strategy he had been planning for the better part of a year. Miraculously, David was able to overcome the challenges of travel, jetlag, hotel beds, diet (he's a vegan), sickness, weather and injury to achieve his goal.

In the summer of 2009, David completed his second feat of speed and endurance. This one was even more difficult than his event in summer of 2008. The "SmoothToe® New England Marathon... One Mile at a Time" was 26.2 miles in 27 races, in 27 New England towns during the months of July and August (61 days). David finished under his goal time of  2 hours and 11 minutes (5 minutes per mile) with a final cumulative time of 2:07:09.14.

David completed his 2010 feat on August 7, 2010... this time going intercontinental with his "Around the World in Less Than 30 Minutes". David ran 6 races, in 6 weeks, on 6 continents in a total time of 29:25:95 - under than his 30 minute goal (5 minutes per mile).

During the summer of 2011, David ran the Great Wonders of the World -  five to be exact. The adventure took him to two US and three international locations traveling once a month over 5 months. The goal of 5 Wonders Under 25 Minutes was to average less than 5 minutes per mile at each of the 5 locations. He completed the event on September 10th in 24 minutes and 31 seconds.

During 2012, the challenge was to run 7 one-mile races, on 7 different islands, in 7 different time zones, in 7 consecutive weeks. During the 50 day Isles Mile Challenge, David traversed 12 time zones and travel over 30,000 miles. This event combines the themes from our first four tours: speed/strength/endurance (2008), recovery (2009), international travel (2010), and adventure racing (2011).

In July 2015, David will be racing in the Cyclades Islands in Greece. He will be attempting to complete 5 one-mile races, on 5 different islands, all under 5 minutes within 15 days.

Be sure to follow David's progress on his blog.

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