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2011 - 5 Wonders Under 25 Minutes
For 2011, David set his goal on "adventure". The world is full of wonders - Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Seven Wonders of the Medieval World, New Seven Wonders of the World, Seven Natural Wonders of the World and Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

David selected five of these Wonders to be the focus of his 2011 event "5 Wonders under 25 Minutes". He set out on a new adventure once a month for five months with a goal of a sub-25 minute cumulative time.

The challenge of this event, after we found each of these locations (did you see the 2010 Amazing Race contestants looking for Stonehenge?) was scouting a terrain suitable for a sub-5 minute mile course. We preferred a cool, dry day at sea-level on pavement, but realized that it wouldn't be an "adventure" mile without a gravel trail through Petra, the 92 degree temperatures and 77% humidity of India, a little fog, rain or cross-wind on the Golden Gate Bridge or the 6700 foot elevation of the Grand Canyon's South Rim.

David completed 5 Wonders Under 25 Minutes in 24 minutes and 31 seconds on 9/10/11 in Petra, Jordan.

The Last Mile Race Management Company was the Official Time Keeper of the races. David shared the details (and video) of each race on his blog.


  Date Wonder Wonders List1 Country Status Time2 Link
1. 5/29/11 Grand Canyon Natural USA Completed 4:54:07 Blog Article
2. 6/25/11 Stonehenge Medieval England Completed 4:43:11 Blog Article
3. 7/16/11 Golden Gate Bridge Modern USA Completed 5:04:72 Blog Article
4. 9/2/113 Taj Mahal New India Completed 4:55:62 Blog Article
5. 9/10/11 Petra New Jordan Completed 4:53:15 Blog Article
Completed Successfully 24:31:07  
Time to Beat 24:59:99

1 Wonders of the World Lists
2 Official Timing Company The Last Mile Racing
3 8/30 race postponed due to illness, see blog for details


Grand Canyon


Golden Gate Bridge

Taj Mahal

Petra, Jordan


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