Accelerate at Any Age.

Accelerate at Any Age
The One Mile Runner

David O’Meara inspires athletes of all ages to learn how to maximize their speed, explosion, strength, endurance, and flexibility, while also preventing injury. These attributes are essential to achieving peak performance in any competitive sport. David uses his personal experience as a coach, personal trainer and competitive runner to evaluate exercises, techniques and products to help high-performance athletes exceed their performance goals.

In his fifties, David has proven that he can consistently run a sub-5 minute mile. But running 12 mph is not something you just wake up and accomplish without a lot of help. It takes special equipment, proper nutrition, and an understanding of how your body changes. David relies on a team of seven consultants to help him research, understand, and address the changing demands of his body. He has invited his personal consultants to share some of their unique health & fitness ideas via his blog. And to help you achieve your goals, these consultants are available to answer your questions.

Annual EventsNaxos, Greece

When David turned 45 in 2008, he celebrated with an event. It was personal challenge; a feat of speed. He was going to run 20 one-mile road races, in 20 weeks, in 20 different cities throughout the United States and Canada... each under 5 minutes. It was an experience of a lifetime.

For the next four years, David developed and accomplished new personal, professional, and athletic challenges documenting his adventure on his blog with training and event videos.

In 2018, when he turns 55, David plans to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of his first event with a new event called 5/5/5<5@55. That's 5 one-mile races in 5 weeks in 5 different cities all under 5 minutes at 55 years old. David will continue to share how he trains, prepares, races and recovers on his Blog.

2008 - 20/20/20<5@45
2009 - SmoothToe® New England Marathon...One Mile at a Time
2010 - Around the World in Less Than 30 Minutes
2011 - 5 Wonders Under 25 Minutes
2012 - The Isles Mile Challenge
2015 - The Greek Islands Adventure
2018 - 5/5/5<5@55 (in the works)

The knowledge and experiences from these events are integrated into David's coaching, training, writing, and speaking. His life is dedicated to helping athletes of all ages maximize their athletic performance and achieve their personal goals. We hope that you find his efforts inspirational.

Body Protection™ is a movement-based training program designed to prevent injury and optimize athletic performance in any sport. The components of the program provide competitive athletes with strength/endurance, speed/explosion and flexibility, while developing the body’s connective tissue. This multi-muscle, multi-directional, and multi-functional series of exercises also stimulates an athlete’s proprioception which promotes better balance and stabilization. Watch the 1-minute DVD video trailer to learn more   David's book, Creating Amazement, is available from [view excerpt]. The book shares 20 attributes that he learned during his 2008 event, and puts into perspective what it takes to achieve truly amazing results in your own business and personal lives. His other books Play Better. Live Better. and Tennis Unlimited are also available on
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