Accelerate at Any Age.

Accelerate at Any Age
The One Mile Runner

David O’Meara inspires athletes of all ages to learn how to maximize their speed, explosion, strength, endurance, and flexibility, while also preventing injury. These attributes are essential to achieving peak performance in any competitive sport.

David uses his personal experience as a coach, personal trainer and competitive runner to evaluate exercises, techniques and products to help high-performance athletes exceed their performance goals. David’s own aspirations drive him to continually refine his training processes and push his own body to new levels of performance. Essentially, he has created a personal “laboratory” to discover new training methods and prove his theories.

After years of experimentation, David is ready to share his training methods with other competitive athletes. His new 2-disc training DVD, Body Protection, is packed with 90 minutes of instruction and 60 minutes of example exercises. These exercises are the basis of the program David teaches his high-performance clients during their in-person training sessions.

Body Protection™ is a movement-based training program designed to prevent injury and optimize athletic performance in any sport. The components of the program provide competitive athletes withstrength/endurance, speed/explosion and flexibility, while developing the body’s connective tissue. 


This multi-muscle, multi-directional, and multi-functional series of exercises also stimulates an athlete’s proprioception which promotes better balance and stabilization.

The program is broken into four stages: Foundational Training, Strength/Endurance Training, Speed/Explosion Training and Flexibility Training. Filmed at the Movenpick Resort and Spa at the Dead Sea in Jordan the DVD teaches a sport-specific three-dimensional warm-up, a high-performance training program, and a three-dimensional cool-down. Watch this 1-minute DVD video trailer to learn more:


Buy Body Protection DVD

For a limited time, customers purchasing the DVD set will receive a complimentary 20-minute Telephone or Skype Video Consultation with David to customize the training program to your chosen sport. This offer (a $40 value) is available to customers purchasing one of the first 1,000 DVDs. Visit for more information on the training programtestimonials and training services.


At 50 years old, David has proven that he can consistently run a sub-5 minute mile. But running 12 mph is not something you just wake up and accomplish without a lot of help. It takes special equipment, proper nutrition, and an understanding of how your body changes. David relies on a team of seven consultants to help him research, understand, and address the changing demands of his body. He has invited his personal consultants to share some of their unique health & fitness ideas via his blog. And to help you achieve your goals, these consultants are available to answer your questions.

Annual Events

2012 Isles Mile ChallengeDavid is a coach, author, speaker, and athlete. When he turned 45 in 2008, he celebrated with an event. It was personal challenge; a feat of speed. He was going to run 20 one-mile road races, in 20 weeks, in 20 different cities throughout the United States and Canada... each under 5 minutes. It was an experience of a lifetime. Every year since, David has developed and accomplished new personal, professional, and athletic challenges. The knowledge and experiences from these events is integrated into his coaching, training, writing, and speaking.

2008 - 20/20/20<5@45
2009 - SmoothToe® New England Marathon...One Mile at a Time
2010 - Around the World in Less Than 30 Minutes
2011 - 5 Wonders Under 25 Minutes
2012 - The Isles Mile Challenge


David's latest book, Creating Amazement, is available from [view excerpt]. The book shares 20 attributes that he learned during his 2008 event, and puts into perspective what it takes to achieve truly amazing results in your own business and personal lives. His other books Play Better. Live Better. and Tennis Unlimited are also available on

David's life is dedicated to helping athletes of all ages maximize their athletic performance and achieve their personal goals. We hope that you find his efforts inspirational.

2012 Isles Mile Challenge  - Article as Published in Bermuda Now Magazine                           
Bermuda Now - November 2012 CoverIn Bermuda Now Magazine Article - Volume IV Pages 22/23           

Diane Alter followed David during the 7 weeks of the 2012 Isles Mile Challenge, receiving updates on his progress every step of the way. The article that Diane wrote following the completion of the event was published in November's Bermuda Now Magazine. View Magazine Website. View Article PDF.                   

One Mile Runner in Running Free Magazine - Images of Inspiration 

2010 August - Running Free

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 What's New on My Blog?
 11/20/14  How To Optimize Your Off-Season Workouts
I have really been enjoying my off-season workouts after spending the summer training in the mountains to prepare for the Grand Canyon this past September. Off-season training is a very important part of success on my various tours. Here are a few ideas to make the most of your off-season and get you ready for a fabulous 2015.
 9/20/14 Running North Rim To South Rim At The Grand Canyon
This was my first time driving to the north side of the Grand Canyon. It is much more scenic than the entrance on the south side. We spent the night in cabins on the Grand Canyon Lodge. It was early to bed and early to rise as we slept around 930 and awoke at 4 to start our preparations. Oatmeal, walnuts, and a banana was all I needed for breakfast. A hot shower and a body rub with The Stick and then we all traveled about 1.5 miles to the entrance to the North Kaibab trailhead.
 8/20/14 Advanced Motor Planning
We began at Mount Katahdin, Maine’s tallest peak. Little did I know that I was in store for 9 hours of rock climbing and only 3 hours of hiking as we chose to cross Knife’s Edge (pictured above) – the most difficult route to the summit. We ascended the rocky Dudley trail to Pamola Peak. Then managed to get through the extremely hazardous maneuvers up and down Chimney Peak to Knife’s Edge (the name does say it all).
 7/13/14 Training in the White Mountains
After running 13.1 miles on Siesta Key Beach at the end of June in 90 degree weather and high humidity. It was time to go north to the White Mountains to work my legs in a different way as I prepare for the long run across the Grand Canyon. My older brother, Dick, is an avid hiker and a member of the New England 4000-Footer Club which includes all 48 peaks in the White Mountains.
 4/27/14 Preparations Begin for the Grand Canyon
This event in mid-September will be quite different than my mile jaunts. Not only is the distance much greater, but also the preparations are not the same. My usual three speed workouts a week will be reduced to one. I have never worn an "energy belt" to hold water and bars, but it will be a necessity on this long run.  I am also accustomed to have cars surrounding me as I run. One or two cars for protection and safety if the road is not closed and another for the video crew. In the Grand Canyon, we will be on our own and far away from civilization.
 3/25/14 2014 Event: Running Grand Canyon Rim to Rim
In 2014, will be taking part in a very different event. Instead of racing one mile at a time for speed, explosion, and recovery, we are going to attempt 23+ miles in a row across the Grand Canyon from the south rim to the north rim in mid-September testing our stamina. In the summer of 2015, we will be racing the mile again throughout the Greek Islands as we attempt to race on 10 islands in 5 weeks, all under 5 minutes entitled - The Greek Islands Adventure.
 2/16/14 Get Into The Zone… with Natural Energy Boosters!
It never hurts to obtain the best we can from Nature, however, and this doesn’t mean overspending on expensive items from health shops. In this post, we offer just four items to add you can easily add to your diet, which will boost energy levels, keep stress at bay and even help you achieve an optimal state of mind before a big race. Best of all, they are all affordable and easily accessed.
 1/26/14 When An Injury Becomes a Godsend
“Turn and burn,” Joe, shouted as I carved my way around the final turn, hugging the curb and peeking back to see who was creeping up on me – 200 meters to go.  I sprinted down the home stretch, my pursuer licking at my heel and then, with 20 meters to go, my hamstring suddenly “popped.” ... This is an inspiring story of recovery and performance by 63 year old runner, Jim Burnett.
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